Summer in LA- shit is RUF! 

Hopefully you and your furry babies are staying cool and away from the hot ass pavement! 

Meeeeeee, well I've been with lots of doggies this summer in my new South Park hood- strutting around while playing around with my lil chihuahua ratlings on the mean streets of DTLA :) 

I'm also in the beginning stages of designing & creating Dawgs of Downtown LA II !!!!!

This book and product project will include Downtown's favorite mutts along side DTLA as a backdrop, as well as neighborhood human homies and hopefully some classic cars, motos, mopeds, bicycles, wagons- whatever...


So what I need from YOU, Is your cute ass mutt ( and you, if you're interested) and one of the vintage/classic modes of transportation I mentioned above. 

If you you are familiar with the first Dawgs of Downtown LA, you may have notice I dig the whole black & white style so want to keep that going but integrate more humans and old timey wheels! 

So if you would like your fur baby in the next book looking suave in DTLA- lets create some art! 

Shoot me a message and we can go from there! 

PS: This is a passion project, so I have no budget/monies- but will gladly give you a nice discount when the book n stuff come out :) Thanks for le support! 

poodle model_.jpg