Dog Walking Rates:


De La Doggies is now partnered with Dog Day LA, a fellow dtla mammal walker/lover. 

For more info on DDL, please visit:



Now offering service in the Santa Cruz area! 


About CJ

CJ is a dog person – and they know it. Don’t tell the doggies, but she also loves kitty-cats, 

bunnies, and most other critters. She’s been known to cuddle rats, hamsters, and Guinea pigs.

Whatever your pet-care needs are, CJ can handle it. Okay, maybe not your pet lion, unless you 

provide the proper body armor, the chair-guard, and the training crop.

CJ is heading up our Santa Cruz division of De La Doggies and will care for your pet in your 

home overnight, as well as make house calls for feeding and walking while you are away at work 

or play. Your pet will get all the attention and love they can stand. Call for rates as they vary 

with each individual situation.